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Wapen van Maldegem/Arms (crest) of Maldegem

Country : Belgium

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Official blazon
  • (1838) Een wit veld met een rood kruys in vieren verdeeld, op den zoom twaelf ganzen naer het leven.
  • (1909) In goud een rood kruis, gekantonneerd van twaalf zoonswyze geplaatste meerltjes, eveneens van rood.
  • (1988) In goud een kruis van keel vergezeld van twaalf mereltjes van hetzelfde, zoomsgewijze geplaatst.
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The arms were granted on November 24, 1838 and again on September 27, 1909 and October 5, 1988.

The arms are derived from the old arms of the Lords of Maldegem. The first known arms of a Lord of Maldegem date from 1307. Philips, Lord of Maldegem, used a seal with a knight holding a shield with a cross and 12 merles. In the Gelre Roll of Arms from the early 14th century the arms of the Lords of Maldegem are shown as gold, with a red cross and 12 red merles. The arms are listed already in 1619 for the town, but the first known use of the arms by the council of Maldegem itself dates from 1643 when the arms appear on the local seal. Later seals all show the same arms, sometimes with a crown and sometimes held by two lion supporters. The latter were not granted in 1909.

The blazon of 1838 mentions the merles as geese, but the image shows the proper birds.

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Literature: Servais, 1955

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