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altBlason de Mirwart/Arms (crest) of Mirwart

Country : Belgium

Province :

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Official blazon
French Ecartelé: aux 1 et 4 de gueules à trois fleurs de néflier d'or percées du champ, qui est d'Arenberg; aux 2 et 3 d'or à la fasce échiquetée d'argent et de gueules de trois tires; au lion de gueules, armé et lampassé d'azur, issant de la fasce, qui est La Marck.
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The arms were granted on March 5, 1954.

The arms are quartered and show in the first and fourth quarter the arms of the Counts of Arenberg and in the second and third the arms of the Counts of the Mark. See also Märkischer Kreis, Germany, and Lummen.

The history of the estate and village of Mirwart is quite complicated, many different families ruled the estate until the 18th century. In 1394 the estate became a possession of Count Engelbert III van der Mark. In 1463 Willem of Bolland, who originated from the dynasty of Van der Mark-Arenberg sold the estate to Antoine, Lord of Croy. In 1471 the estate was bought by Count Everhard IV van der Mark(-Arenberg). In 1576 the family lost the estate again. As the dynasty ruled the estate longer than any of the other families, the local council applied for the Arenberg-Mark arms.

Literature: Servais, 1955

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