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Blason de Mouscron/Arms (crest) of Mouscron

Country : Belgium

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Official blazon
French Ecartelé aux 1 et 4 de gueules au chevalier armé de toutes pièces d'azur monté sur un cheval cabré d'argent et brandissant une épée du même, aux 2 et 3 d'argent à une barce hérissée de flammes de gueules; sur le tout, d'or à I'aigle bicéphale de sable, becquée, languée, membrée et diadémée de gueules, surmontée de la couronne impériale.
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The arms were granted on July 1, 1991.

Until 1991 the city never used official arms. Since 1676, however, the city used in practice the arms of the Basta family. In 1645 Ferdinand Basta inherited the County of Mouscron. Later the city became a possession of other families, for the longest time the family d'Ennetières.

In 1991 the city was confirmed in the use of the original arms of the Basta family, a quartered shield with in the first and fourth quarter a knight and in the second and third quarter a flaming bend. As an escutcheon the eagle of the Holy roman Empire, as Ferdinand Basta was a Knight of the Empire.

The previous, non-official, arms showed the arms of Basta with on the eagle another shield with three small shield, each bearing a golden star. These arms are those of the d'Ennetières family.

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Literature: Servais, 1955; Anonymous, 2002.

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