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Region : Keski-Suomi
Former province : 1997-2009 Länsi-Suomi, 1960-1997 Keski-Suomi

Multia Kuntavaakuna / Kommunvapen

Official blazon

Mustassa kentässä kultainen muurahainen.


The arms were granted on November 26, 1963.

The arms show a golden ant, which is based on the nickname of the inhabitants of the town : Multian keltiäiset, which can be translated as the yellow Multians (keltainen=gold) or the Multian ants (the keltiäinen is a yellowish small species of ants).

I also received the following statement by mail : "The saying "Multian keltiäiset" has yet another tone: the Multians tend to "sting" verbally in their normal small talk".

Coat of arms (crest) of Multia

The arms on a road sign

The arms on the town hall

Literature : Pirinen, K. Local coats of arms in Finland (Suomen kunnallisvaakunat), Vantaa, 1982, 216 p.

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