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Blason de Neufchâteau/Arms (crest) of Neufchâteau
The arms from 1818/1838
Blason de Neufchâteau/Arms (crest) of Neufchâteau
The arms from 1818/1838

Country : Belgium

Province :


  • 1977 Grandvoir
  • 1977 Grapfontaine
  • 1977 Hamipré
  • 1977 Longlier
  • 1977 Tournay

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Official blazon
  • (1818) Van zilver beladen met St Michiel in zijne natuurlijke kleur het schild gedekt met een gouden kroon.
  • (1838) D'argent à un saint Michel au naturel, l'écu timbré d'une couronne à cinq fleurons d'or.
  • (1981) D'azur à un saint Michel arlé brandissant de la dextre une épée flamboyante, de la senestre une rondache, et terrassant le démon, le tout d'or.
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The old arms were granted on September 10, 1818 and confirmed on December 31, 1838; the new arms were granted on November 26, 1981.

From before the 16th century the coats of arms of the city showed a saint Michael bringing down a dragon. There were variants, such as the archangel brandished a lightning or a lance. Sometimes, he held his shield, sometimes a pair of scales. Saint Michael. who is the patron saint of Neufchâteau, has the responsibility to weigh souls at the entry of the next world and to steer them towards the Paradise or towards the Hell.

In 1678 the city officially received arms showing the archangel, but many variations continued to exist during the centuries.

In 1981 the colours were simplified to blue and gold, but the archangel remained.

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Literature: All information provided by Patrick Pierloz, Belgium. From : A. GEUBEL, " Cercle Terre de Neufchâteau " , in " Contact, magazine de Neufchâteau ", 11ième année, n° 75, août 1989

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