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Wapen van Poperinge/Arms (crest) of Poperinge
The arms from 1838
Wapen van Poperinge/Arms (crest) of Poperinge
The arms from 1875
Wapen van Poperinge/Arms (crest) of Poperinge
The arms from 1981

Country : Belgium

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Official blazon
  • (1838) Een rood veld, waerop eene gouden regte hand gedraeyd ter linker zyde en houdende eenen staf van eenen gemyterden abt ook van goud, het wapen gedekt met eene gouden kroon.
  • (1981) In keel een gehandschoende gestrekte hand, de wijsvinger versierd met een ring, komende uit de linkerzijde en houdende een staf van een abt, alles van goud. Het schild getopt met een stedekroon met vijf torens van goud en getooid met het Frans oorlogskruis met palm.
  • (1875) De gueules, à la main appaumée et gantée d'or et l'index orné d'un anneau, muvant du flanc senestre et tenant une crosse d'abbé mitré, de même. L'écu timbré d'une couronne d'or.
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The arms were granted on December 31, 1838 and again on October 14, 1875 and May 5, 1981.

The oldest known arms for Poperinge date from the 16th century. The arms showed a silver glove holding a golden crosier. All seals in the 17th-19th century show the same composition.

The arms originally probably were black, until the 16th century. And in some cases the arms were divided with the arms of the Sint-Bertijns Abbey, which historically owned a large part of the area.

The first arms of Poperinge were officially granted on December 31, 1838 and showed a right hand and arm, coming from the side of the shield and holding a crosier. The shield was red, the hand and crosier gold. The arms were slightly changed in 1875, when the arm was removed and a ring was added to the hand.

After the merger in 1977 the arms remained the same, however the crown was changed to a mural crown indicating the historical city and the French War Cross was added. The cross was already added in 1923 by the municipality, but not officially granted.

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Literature: Servais, 1955

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