Aura an der Saale

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State : Bayern
District : Bad Kissingen

Wappen von Aura an der Saale/Arms (crest) of Aura an der Saale
Official blazon
German In Silber ein durchgehendes rotes Kreuz, darauf ein mit einem waagrechten silbernen Rost belegter, linksgewendeter, aufrechter goldener Abtstab.
English blazon wanted


The arms were officially granted on December 17, 1963.

The arms consists of symbols for the important Benedictan Monastery in Aura, which was established around 1110. The monastery was an important monastery in the region and the village belonged for nearly 7 centuries to the monastery. The grill and the cross ar ethe symbols of the two patron saints of the monastery, St. Lawrence and St. George. These symbols were also present in the seals of the monastery. The golden crozier was added as an additional symbol. The red and silver colours, except being the symbol of St. George, are also the colours of the State of Würzburg, to which the whole region belonged.

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