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Wappen von Bonn/Arms (crest) of Bonn

Country : Germany

State : Nordrhein-Westfalen

District (Kreis) : Urban District (Kreisfreie Stadt)
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Official blazon
  • (1971) Geteilt von Silber und Rot, oben ein durchgehendes schwarzes Balkenkreuz, unten ein hersehender schreitender goldener Löwe.
  • (until 1971) Geteilt von Silber und Blau, oben ein durchgehendes, silbern-schwarz geständertes Balkenkreuz, unten ein schreitender goldener Löwe.
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The arms were officially granted on March 4 1971.

Bonn received city rights probably in the early 13th century. The oldest seal, known since 1250, shows the patron saint, St. Cassius, depicted as a knight. The next seal, dating from the 14th century, shows the cross of Köln and the lion. The area was part of the diocese of Köln. The lion is a symbol for the old 'Dingstuhl' or justice-place. The lion is often named 'Wölfchen' (little wolf) or 'Leopard' and is sometimes shown standing on a boar. On the ante-seals of the city only the lion is shown.

During the years the colours of the lower half of the arms have changed often. The most widely used colours were a red lion on a blue shiled, generally used from 1792-1971. But Hupp showed in the 1930s the arms with a silver field. Similarly, as can be seen from the images below, the lion has been crowned and with or without golden nails.

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Literature: Stadler, K. : Deutsche Wappen - Bundesrepublik Deutschland; Nagel, Rheinisches Wappenbuch

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