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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Heilbronn
Additions: 1973 Hölzern

Wappen von Eberstadt/Arms (crest) of Eberstadt
Official blazon
German In geteiltem Schild oben in Schwarz ein wachsender goldener Eber, unten in Gold eine liegende schwarze Hirschstange.
English blazon wanted


Eberstadt did not have its own seal in 1615. The above arms appear for the first time on a stone in the local church, built in 1628. The upper half shows a canting boar (Eber), the lower a deer antler for Württemberg, as the city belonged to Württemberg since 1504. During the centuries there have been different images of the arms, often without the antler. The local seal from 1903 also shows only a boar. The seal from 1930 shows again the historical arms. The colours were officially described in 1938 when the arms were formally adopted.

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