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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Lörrach
Additions: 1942 Efringen, Kirchen; 1974 Blansingen, Egringen, Huttingen, Istein, Kleinkems, Mappach, Welmlingen, Wintersweiler

Wappen von Efringen-Kirchen/Arms (crest) of Efringen-Kirchen
Official blazon
  • (1978) In gespaltenem Schild vorne in Rot ein linksgewendeter goldener Löwe, hinten in Silber der rote Baselstab.
  • (1974) In gespaltenem Schild vorne in Gold ein rotes Pentagramm, hinten in Blau auf grünem Boden eine silberne Kirche mit rotem Dach.
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The arms were granted on August 12, 1978.

The lion is derived from the arms of the Lords of Rötteln, who played a major role in the local history. The basilisk is the symbol of the diocese and State of Basel, to which the area historically belonged. The basilisk was also part of the arms of soem of the former municipalities.

The previous arms were granted on September 30, 1974 and show the pentagramm of the old arms of Efringen and the church of Kirchen:

Wappen von Efringen-Kirchen/Arms (crest) of Efringen-Kirchen

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