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State : Rheinland-Pfalz
District (Kreis) : Kaiserslautern
Verbandsgemeinde : Verbandsgemeinde Hochspeyer

Wappen von Frankenstein/Arms (crest) of Frankenstein
Official blazon
German In Blau eine aufsteigende eingebogene rote Spitze, darin auf grünem Dreiberg eine eintürmige silberne Zinnenburg , rechts ein goldener Balken, links zwei über eins gestellte silberne Rautensteine.
English blazon wanted


The arms were officially granted on November 2, 1926.

The arms were designed by Otto Hupp in 1926. He based the design on the two known old seals of the village, dating from 1743 and the 18th century. The first shows the local castle (ruins) and 3 square stones. The second shows a castle (not like a ruin) and three diamond-shaped stones.

The castle is the local castle, the stones are probably derived from the arms of the Lords von Waldbrunn, who partially owned the village in the 18th century. In the oldest seal the stones, however, were not shown as on the Waldbrunn arms. It is also doubtful whether the family already owned parts of the village when the seal was made. The stones could also be interpreted as a canting element for the -stein part of the name.

In any case the castle and the diamond shaped stones from the 2nd seal and the Lords of Waldbrunn were combined with the arms of the founders of the castle, the medieval Lords of Frankenstein (who got extinct in 1360).

Literature: Debus, 1988

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