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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Emmendingen
Additions: 1971 Ottoschwanden

Wappen von Freiamt/Arms (crest) of Freiamt
Official blazon
  • (1962) In gespaltenem Schild vorn in Gold ein roter Schrägbalken, hinten in Silber auf grünem Dreiberg eine grüne Tanne.
  • (1972) In Gold ein roter Schrägbalken, oben eingebildeter roter Halbmond und zwei rote Sterne, unten eine grüne Tanne mit schwarzem Stamm aus dem Schildrand wachsend.
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The arms were granted on October 31, 1972.

The arms combine elements from the old arms of Freiamt and Ottoschwanden.

Wappen von Freiamt/Arms (crest) of Freiamt

The old arms (were designed and adopted in 1913, but only formally granted in 1962.

The oldest seal of the local court and council dates from 1587. It showed a pine tree, as did all later seals until the late 19th century, since the 19th century the tree was placed in a shield. In 1906 the council applied for the use of arms with a pine tree in a crowned shield. The crown was rejected, as it was not allowed to use a crown on civic heraldry.

Siegel von Freiamt

The municipal stamp shown in 1892

The pine tree was also not acceptable, as there were 60 (!) other municipalities in Baden with a pine tree in their seals or arms.

In 1913 the State Archives thus proposed new arms, in which the pine tree was combined with the arms of Baden (or Hochberg, which are identical). The municipality, however, continued the use of the pine tree in a crowned shield on its seal. Only in 1959 the crown was removed.

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