Friedrichshagen (Berlin)

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Wappen von Friedrichshagen (Berlin)/Arms (crest) of Friedrichshagen (Berlin)

Country : Germany

State : Berlin

Incorporated into:

  • 1920 Berlin
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Friedrichshagen was founded in 1753 and the oldest known seal of the village dates from 1808. The seal already showed a shield with the same composition as the above arms, an arm holding a rose in the upper part and a fence in the lower half. The arm probably symbolises King Friedrich II, founder of the village.

The flower is a mulberry flower. Friedrichshagen was a village known for the silk manufacturing and spinning.

The fence in the lower half, is a canting element for Hagen (Gehege). The fences were built to protect the village from the wild animals, especially wild boar.

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Literature: Machatscheck, 1987

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