Giessen (Hessen)

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Wappen von Giessen (Hessen)/Arms (crest) of Giessen (Hessen)

Country : Germany

State : Hessen

District (Kreis) : Giessen


Incorporated into :

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Official blazon
German In Silber ein schwarz geflügelter, blaubewehrter und blaugezungter roter Löwe.
English blazon wanted


The oldest seal of the city dates from 1248 and shows Count Wilhelm von Tübingen, Prince of the Palatine (Pfalz) as a knight on a horse. The city at the time belonged to the Pfalz. After the transfer to Hessen, the next seal (from 1264) shows the Count of Hessen as a mounted knight. In the 14th century the arms of Hessen appeared on the seal, supported by two dragons or two tree branches.

Other seals show a winged lion with a letter G. These seals were in use until the 19th century.

At the same time the winged lion appeared as arms for the city. They were first registered in 1605 in the works of Siebmacher, and have not changed since.

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Literature: Stadler, 1964-1971, 8 volumes.

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