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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Zollernalbkreis

Wappen von Grosselfingen/Arms (crest) of Grosselfingen
Official blazon
German In von Silber und Schwarz geviertem Schild im ersten Feld zwei rote Zickzackbalken, im vierten Feld eine blaue Taube auf blauem Nest sitzend.
English blazon wanted


The arms were granted on January 13, 1949.

The quartered shiled is the arms of the (Hohen)Zollern family, as the village historically belonged to the Haimburg Estate, which was owned by the Hohenzollern family. From 1428-1522 the village belonged to the Lords von Bubenhofen, whose arms (simplified) are shown in the first quarter. The nesting pigeon in the fourth quarter is taken from local traditions during lent, which are known as the Battle of the Summerbird (Kampf um den Sommervogel).

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