Margravate of Meissen

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MARGRAVATE OF MEISSEN (German: Markgrafschaft Meißen)

Arms (crest) of Margravate of Meissen
Official blazon
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The Margravate of Meissen was a medieval principality in the area of the modern German state of Saxony. It originally was a frontier march of the Holy Roman Empire, created out of the vast Marca Geronis (Saxon Eastern March) in 965. Under the rule of the Wettin dynasty, the margravate finally merged with the former Duchy of Saxe-Wittenberg into the Saxon Electorate by 1423.

The arms show a a black lion on a golden field. The lion can still be found in the arms of for example Chemnitz, Dresden, Leipzig and Meissen

Coat of arms (crest) of Margravate of Meissen

The arms in the Wapen- en Vlaggenboek van Gerrit Hesman (1708)


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