Steinach an der Saale

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State : Bayern
District : Bad Kissingen
Additions : 1971 Nickersfelden, Roth an der Saale; 1972 Hohn
Incorporated into : 1978 Bad Bocklet

Wappen von Steinach an der Saale/Coat of arms (crest) of Steinach an der Saale
Official blazon
German Durch einen blauen Wellenpfahl gespalten von Silber und Gold; vorne schräg gekreuzt zwei rote Streitkolben; hinten ein schwarzer Biber.
English blazon wanted


The arms were officially granted on

The arms combine the canting Saale river (blue pale) with the two battle-clubs taken from the arms of the Forstmeister von Rothenkolben-Lebenhan (foresters) and the beaver from the arms of the Knights of Bibra. The arms of the foresters originally showed three red roses besides the clubs, but these were omitted (in the new arms of Bad Bocklet one rose was added again).

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