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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Rastatt
Incorporated into : 1975 Gaggenau

Wappen von Hörden/Arms (crest) of Hörden
Official blazon
German In Silber ein schräglinks liegendes blaues Sägeblatt (Zähne rechts), oben und unten begleitet von je einer blau besamten roten Rose


The oldest known seal of Hörden dates from 1770 and shows a saw in a shield. The saw is also known as village sign since 1761. In Hörden there were many saw mills since the 16th century, which explains the symbol. Originally the saw was placed per pale, but in the 19th century the saw was placed per bend.

The roses were added to the arms in 1911, 10 years after the State Archives proposed to add the roses as a symbol of the Counts of Eberstein. Hörden historically belonged to the county Eberstein.

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