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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Rastatt
Additions: 1935 Ottenau, 1970 Rotenfels, Selbach; 1971 Freiolsheim; 1972 Oberweier; 1973 Sulzbach; 1975 Hörden, Michelbach

Wappen von Gaggenau/Arms (crest) of Gaggenau
Official blazon
  • (1901)In gespaltenem Schild vorne in Silber ein halbes schwarzes Zahnrad am Spalt, hinten in Gold ein grüner Glasbecher.
  • (1935) In geteiltem Schild oben in Rot ein silberner Sester, unten in Silber ein schwarzes Weinmesser
  • (1971) In Rot ein silberner Sester


The arms are the old village sign of Gaggenau and they appear first on border stones from 1787. In the 19th century the symbol also appears in or without a shield, in the seals of the municipality.
In 1900 the State Archives proposed new arms, based on the rapidly growing industry in the town. The new arms, which showed in the right half a wheel and in the left a glass-beaker were officially adopted in January 1901.

The arms from 1901-1935 :

Wappen von Gaggenau/Arms (crest) of Gaggenau
Wappen von Gaggenau/Arms (crest) of Gaggenau
Seal of Gaggenau

Seal from around 1900

After the incorporation of Ottenau in 1935 the arms were changed. The new arms showed the old village sign of Gaggenau, combined with the sickle of Ottenau. These arms have been used until 1957 when the composition was changed from vertical to horizontal. These arms wer used until January 7, 1971, when the present arms were granted. As now more municipalities were incorporated the sickle of Ottenau was no longer appropriate. Combining all arms was impossible, so the old village sign was restored.

Wappen von Gaggenau/Coat of arms (crest) of Gaggenau

The arms from 1935-1957
Wappen von Gaggenau/Coat of arms (crest) of Gaggenau

The arms from 1958-1971
Wappen von Gaggenau/Coat of arms (crest) of Gaggenau

Municipal stationery, 1960s

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